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SELLING as a lot for $30 shipped

Mystic Water Bluegum and Lemongrass (the one in the small tin): 85%
Shaver Heaven Peppermint Plus-85%
SOLD-Tim's Soap, Breakfast of Champions-95%-SOLD
SOLD-Chiseled Face Trade Winds, lathered 5X (95%)-SOLD
Whipped Dog 24mm Silvertip BADGER knot set 20mm down.

Or, will trade for the following:
Maggard MR5 Handle
Maggard 24mm Synthetic
Haslinger Schafmilch
I Coloniali Shaving Soap


[Image: TSL9nXc.jpg]
[Image: AfLSfNp.jpg]
[Image: 3Zg6s23.jpg]
[Image: nJ5Ejlp.jpg]

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