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Used it 3 times total.  Just received it Thursday but am able to get another razor that I really want so I'm letting this one go.  Bought for $155.  Selling for $140 shipped CONUS.  Comes in original velvet bag and wood box.  Email me with questions please. Happy shaving!!

[Image: ed1f0a5026c2cc8302b0c2456bb71227.jpg][Image: 4d92a90ced3f9d2858b992b70661c7cf.jpg][Image: 965d6ed4226fcce1bcc3897f0ba278ca.jpg][Image: fe0112c44f255605402610398df3a3d9.jpg][Image: c904c73519be1221021d2c70c373c5b5.jpg]

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