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Well since getting my Mongoose razor this just doesnt see any use ... and I dont see myself going back to it. Its a wonderful razor that gives a great shave, but I'm hooked on "the 'goose".

So I have an iKon DLC Standard Razor with Bamboo handle up for trade or sell. I would rather trade it for a brush, but I'm also open to selling it for $110 shipped CONUS. The brushes I'm interested in trading for would be a Shavemac, Rooney, or maybe a Thater, I would like a 26-28mm knot (but might consider a 24-25mm) with 48-54mm'ish loft good for face lathering. Depending on the brush I would be willing to add extra to even up the trade.

edit: also might be interested in a synthetic Simpson Chubby 2 or a Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen

[Image: b3ZLG5ln-pYtPefy-V3jg9AhH-T6yo3cacRHj9Hf...40-h846-no]

[Image: IXzJmZZeSk63-x3pXwVqVuLUkT5VUMbUu3_wZrUk...68-h869-no]

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