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I've been looking all over for the RazoRock Stealth Slant, the other day I just got my first RazoRock Baby Smooth and would love to have the Stealth Slant to go along with my Baby Smooth.  I would love to buy one if anyone here is willing to part and help a fellow wet shaver out.  I could also do a trade for it if anyone is interested, the razors I have available to trade for it are as follows: 

Merkur 37c Slant:

[Image: cSNZHze.jpg]

IKon ShaveCraft 102 Slant:

[Image: HkaQk6b.jpg]

Standard Razor (Black):

[Image: SqW2gTb.jpg]

And here's the razor I am looking to buy or trade for!

RazoRock Stealth Slant Aluminum:

[Image: TEbhUc7.jpg]

If anyone is interested shoot me a PM or comment below.  Smile
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