If you bought some and it's not for you...I will but it from you or I have lots of soap for trade.

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Santa Clarita, CA
I just got some from shave revolution; they might still have some in stock. MenEssentials in Canada still has it and watch the B&M site for the release of a small stock of it on cyber Monday...

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No, I just checked menessentials.ca and badgershaveco.com and its gone

Santa Clarita, CA
Shave revolution is out now too but keep your eye on badger shave co. Will said they should be recieving a small shipment this week maybe... Also don't forget what I said about cybermonday on the B&M site
Badger Shave Co is sold out I believe....within minutes of it being posted.

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I have found one

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Any chance you got any 2nd offer? I want to try it as well Smile
How do you like it?

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