Knothead Brush Works custom brush auction for DFS. Read more here!!

If you bought some and it's not for you...I will but it from you or I have lots of soap for trade.

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Santa Clarita, CA
I just got some from shave revolution; they might still have some in stock. MenEssentials in Canada still has it and watch the B&M site for the release of a small stock of it on cyber Monday...

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No, I just checked and and its gone

Santa Clarita, CA
Shave revolution is out now too but keep your eye on badger shave co. Will said they should be recieving a small shipment this week maybe... Also don't forget what I said about cybermonday on the B&M site
Badger Shave Co is sold out I believe....within minutes of it being posted.

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I have found one

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Any chance you got any 2nd offer? I want to try it as well Smile
How do you like it?

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