Hey All,

I wanted to post an update as the last week has left me offline a lot. It's been a busy week at work, catching up from the fourth of July, but things are settling now. The next episode will debut on Wednesday, and it will feature a fantastic interview with Anthony from DeLuxe Shave Company out of Toronto. If you haven't seen his stuff yet, you should check out his site http://deluxe-shaving-co.myshopify.com. Anthony has also been kind enough to donate a jar of Cool-Daddy-O for a giveaway, and I have to tell you that it is a fantastic soap. Easy to lather, wonderful scent, great menthol punch...

Some news on giveaways: After a lot of feedback and consideration, effective Episode 3, we will no longer be hosting giveaways via Twitter. I had used Twitter as I had the ability to create a simple "randomizer" by way of Twitters API, but there are a couple of challenges, namely I don't want to "force" anyone to join a social network just for the opportunity to win a prize. So our Giveaways are moving to Survey Monkey. There are a couple of benefits and I want to explain the move as it will require some more information from entrants. Namely, the following reasons were the primary drivers for this change:

- SurveyMonkey provides the ability to submit an address for shipping as part of the survey, meaning I can ship the product as soon as I select a winner. With Twitter, I had to reach out and contact the winner and wait for them to get back to me. And if they didn't do so in a timely manner, I'd have to select a new winner. That never happened, but I'd like to avoid it from happening.

- Twitter provided the ability to increase social following for the vendors involved with the giveaways, but it didn't provide a lot of information. Part of the entry will be a short survey that will provide information back to the vendor that they can used for their product and consumer base development. I feel like this is a fair tradeoff in exchange for their support of the giveaway.

I hope the SurveyMonkey will be a better, more accessible platform for listeners of the show. While the free version does have a 100 limit response (I can only view the first 100), thus far the show has had significantly less than that for our giveaways. Should the demand be stronger than that, I'll reevaluate down the line.

A special Vendor Spotlight show is on the books sometime within the next month with the gents from Col. Conk. They've recently debuted a new "premium" line of creams, soaps, balms, and PSOs and they'll be doing a standalone segment to discuss the brands direction and development. They've also provided a full kit, complete with PSO, Shave Cream, and post-shave balm for a giveaway. I'll post more details when the time is right. 

Hope everyone had a great fourth of July, and have a great day!


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