Hi Everybody,

First of all: Andrew, sorry if this violates any rules. I read through them and didn't see anything about it but if it does feel free to act as needed.

Today we launched a new style of show format on Sharpologist. I've called it Stories of the Shave. The goal here is to find the unique stories from our community and highlight them for the listener. We're featuring Rockwell in this show, so head over to Sharpologist and take a listen.

Also, Gareth and Morgan have been kind enough to provide a Rockwell 6S as a giveaway product for us. The link to the contest is on sharpologist.com in the show notes,located here. If you don't have a 6S and are interested in the razor, this is a way to try and get one. The contest ends Saturday at midnight. Everyone globally is invited.

Hope everyone had a great day!


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