Pasteur sent out a link to this WSJ article on a comparison of "expensive" razors, indicating someone affiliated with WSJ purchased a razor from them for the article review:

We Tested Six Expensive Men's Razors. One Stood Out.    
Is it worth ditching your drugstore razor and splurging on a high-end model?

Always glad to see wetshaving in mainstream media. But not sure I see the rationale of including razors priced as low as $59 in the same category as a $435 speciality razor, much less the lack of leading artisans. Regardless, I hope it encourages consideration of more traditional wetshaving options.

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Agree 100%. It’s cool for the hobby was featured in the WSJ but the list of razors he tested and featured could have been improved considerably. Any one of us on the forum could have helped.

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I suspect the author reviewed razors that were sent to him for testing. I see that the $435 Aqua di Parma razor is no longer available at Nordstrom. Why would anyone expect that paying that much for a razor handle that still uses standard Gillette cartridges would provide a vastly superior shave to the standard Gillette handle? No wonder luxury department stores like Nordstrom are closing all their stores in Canada and some in States.

It always perplexes me to see reviews of the "best" razors when only brands like Gillette, Schick, Harry's, and Dollar Shave Club are included. You have to give WSJ credit for at least trying legitimate DE and SE razors. I am glad that the Henson razor made inroads.

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Im questioning my subscription now…

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I just read it as six sponsored razors WSJ tested and I stop reading after the first paragraph and looking at the photos.

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(09-17-2023, 01:39 PM)dtownvino Wrote: Im questioning my subscription now…


I’m switching to the FT.

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