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I have been thinking about a present for a woman friend.
I have seen shaving videos for women and yet…I don’t see many modern/artisan DE razors specifically for women.
Other than some vintage Gillettes, is/are there any women’s razors that I’m not aware of?
Parker, EJ, Muhle, Merkur, even WCS have one, but I’m not sure about any of them…
Maybe a DE89 head and an Elite Razor handle?

There are some cute long(er) handled brushes and even some appropriately scented shaving soaps.
(Not sure if women use aftershaves except maybe witch hazel…no pun intended?)

[Image: RPJGHgE.jpg][Image: R6G8Gqh.jpg][Image: OjwbjMP.jpg]
[Image: HVrNCUc.jpg][Image: FJi6bkg.jpg]
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My wife uses a Karve with a 4’ handle, an ikon X3 on a maggards handle and a Razorock switch mostly

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Pete Patriot , my wife used a Lady Gillette for a while and her Henson Medium in Teal became her favorite

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A buddy's wife was using a Razorock Gamechanger.
 Same shave buddy bought a Razorock BBS from me with the idea of his daughter using it because it was so very smooth.

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I would recommend looking at the Henson AL13 Mild. It is lightweight with a moderately long handle and comes in a variety of colors. It provides a comfortable, close shave and is very hard to nick oneself. In fact its original designation was the Woman's razor.


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The Muhle Companion might be a good choice. A longer handle and a cord for hanging by the bath/shower.

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(09-10-2021, 01:08 AM)Patriot Wrote: Maybe a DE89 head and an Elite Razor handle?
If it's exactly like the DE87 head, I'd recommend that one. I find them to be mild(ish) but effective. Also, I really like the appearance of that head, mainly the "rocker" shape of the bottom of the base plate.
How heavy is that long pink handle? I find long handles hard to work with unless they're hollow or made of some light resin.

For shaving ...uh... longer hair without pre-trimming, the RazoRock SLOC head is very nice. Clog-free and mild.

About the Henson AL13 - I think what is currently called the "Mild" version was originally called the Women's version. The Medium was the "Men's" version.
Performance-wise, my Henson Mild is the best DE I have. Mild but effective.

[edit - yup. Confirmed courtesy of The Wayback Machine - https://web.archive.org/web/202010292320.../pages/faq ]
Quote:[url=https://web.archive.org/web/20201029232050/https://hensonshaving.com/pages/faq#velaFaq5]What is the difference between your Men's and Women's Razors?

The only difference between the Men's and Women's razors are the blade gap and blade exposure. These measurements control the "aggressiveness" of the shave. For finer hair and shaving areas other than the face, a milder razor is generally desired. For the face and coarser hair, the aggression of our Men's razor is more suitable.
Technical Details
Men’s - .85 mm Blade Gap and .002” Blade Exposure 
Women’s - .68 mm Blade Gap .001" Blade Exposure 
The .85 mm and .68 blade gap, would be considered on the aggressive side, respectively. However, the nature of our design mitigates some of the effects of the unwanted aggression. This is why’ve chose a higher aggression blade gap. This allows more of the positive benefits of the aggressive blade gap while the unwanted byproducts are a bit tamed by the head design. This is one way they razor achieves good safety and high shaving performance simultaneously.
These are same numbers as the current "Mild" and "Medium" razors.

Here's my favourite SE razors that I use on my face, a Lady Eversharp/Schick Type K1:
[Image: GhcSwVI.jpg]
The handle is slightly pinker than it looks in the photo, and the metal is more of a pale gold colour. Some handles are light blue.
It has Hydro-Magic for easy rinsing.

[Image: ff573tv.jpg]

It also feels mild, but is quite effective and the long mostly-plastic handle has good balance and grip.

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My wife has the Parker clone of the Lady Gillette. I bought her the Henson AL13 Womens, which is the AL13 Mild. She likes the Henson the best, since it is nearly impossible to get a cut or a nick...when shaving with the same technique as a disposable or cartridge. She also likes the Coral and Purple colors. The Henson handle is long and works well for her.

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Excellent ideas my friends!
I just can’t figure out what is likeable about Henson razors, (I’ve owned 2) but I can see that it may be workable for women.
Thank You!

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The leaf razor is probably the closest you'll get to a modern style cartridge razor that uses half a DE blade. You can load up to 3 halves to make the razor more or less aggressive..

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