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It appears that test razors went out to 10 people

The 0.74 OC is reportedly seriously aggressive but James would be looking for gaps in the region of 0.3-0.6 for production razors

[Image: ar2kwVI.jpg][Image: dOfavUw.jpg]

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I had already seen the pictures that were floating around the other day. To me -and that's just me- that thing looks horrible.

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Love the OC and SB versions. Hope he lets people buy both baseplates at once since you can’t get a DC in a Gem.

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From the top view it looks like an MMOC

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It does look like an updated vintage GEM

Honestly I was expecting something closer to the Sabre or even the ATT G1 in terms of size but with more plates available. I'd imagined it would be more like the WR1 of GEMs with a compact head not much larger than a GEM blade.

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It looks good to me. You can't have a small head because the Gem blade is as large as a DE blade + one end is sandwiched. We will see how it plays out.

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[Image: 8t95rTF.png]

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Looking at the side profile, it seems to me
That the head could have been made more
Slim and streamlined in every direction

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Wolfman razors were always a benchmark for me when it came to a combination of aesthetics and functionality. The new WR3, however, looks way to clunky for my taste. This is perhaps one of those situations when YMMV.

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Different gaps on a Gem style razor sounds intriguing, but you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, as my mother used to say.

The problem is the blades. I don't care if you're using Gem manufactured blades, or what were the best when I fooled with them, the Ted Pella blades.

Pella's are plenty sharp, but give me a DE with a Feather, Wizmet, or Gillette Blue. If I'm going to shave with an SE it'll be one that takes Feather Artist Clubs. 

YMMV  Smile

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