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Hello all!

Thanks to my friend Deus Vult  I was able to get my hands on an WR2 in Titanium with a blade gap of 1.55.

I will be putting this through the ringer as much as time will allow and do several shave offs and reviews.

My first shave off will be the 1.55 vs my Rocnel Elite 2019 2.10mm for the rest I will leave it up to the forum to decide.

My den consist of the following:

1. WR2 1.15 DC
2. BBS-1
3. Paradigm TI II
4. Paradigm SE
5. RS-10 (both plates)
6. Rex Ambassador
7. Stealth Slant V2
8. OneBlade Genesis
9. RazoRock Lupo (aluminum)

[Image: IMG-20190909-135933-2.jpg]

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I want to start of this review again by thanking Deus Vult  for the loaner and his willingness to allow me ample time to review this razor. I know for one how great this razor is and if it was mine I would definitely be missing it day by day.

Originally I wanted to do several comparisons of the razor vs what consist in my den but after patch testing against the Rocnel, Rex Ambassador, RS-10, and WR2 1.15 DC they don't really compare; minus a few category here for there. This is not to say I won't release comments, or answer questions, or provide a visual comparison between them. I still think it is nice for others to know how these razors stack up. What I am saying however is that I most likely will not do an in-depth write-up comparing multiple razors. I am also working an a few format for reviewing razors which I think others will appreciate more but that is to be seen and discussed at a later time; now onward to the review.

For those not inclined to read a length review the TLDR of this is that this is one amazing razor and if you have the opportunity to get and / or use one to do so. It is easily the best razor I have used thus far; not in every category but overall the best. In terms of efficiency not much needs to be said, it is the most efficient razor I have ever used, and is most likely the most efficient razor that is currently out on the market.

In terms of smoothness I would have to say it is definitely in the upper echelon of smoothness and only beaten out by a few razors; BBS-1, WR2 1.05 or lower, Paradigm TI II, and RS-10. Now to preface this smoothness is not the end all be all. It is truly the combination of smoothness, blade rigidity, maneuverability, efficiently, aggressiveness, and irritability that makes a razor truly great or not. Although the razors listed prior are smoother some of them are noticeably cause more irritation for me. For example the Paradigm TI II is much smoother but in the same patch it would probably take 4-6 stroke in various directions to get that area BBS.; whilst with the 1.55 it would take two to three and a half strokes. This is why I rate the 1.55 in titanium as the best razor I have tried to date. I cannot say if the stainless steel in the same gap will behave the same. So I do apologize to all that decides to get the 1.55 based on this review only to be disappointing that it behaves differently in it's stainless counterpart. I wish I could speak to both and give a more thorough review for all but I do not have a 1.55 in stainless nor know of anyone who is willing to loan one out.

After using a few Wolfman razors, as with any other razors, there is a point in diminishing return. By that I mean there is a sweet-spot in which the razors behaves as best as possible in all the category listed above whilst maintaining the least amount of detriment. For Wolfman razors I break it down into two category: the daily shaver / touch up king & the smooth efficiency monster. I do not own a 1.05 WR2 but do own a BBS-1 and a 1.15 and can say that I honestly wished I had something in between the two. Something that is more efficient then the 1.00 form the BBS-1 and smoother then the 1.15 thus I would say that the sweet-spot for a daily shaver / touch up razor would be either a 1.05 or a 1.10 (this one would be a custom gap).

As for the smooth and efficiency monster I would say it is somewhere between the 1.45 and 1.75. I am not sure where the drop occurs I can only speak to the fact that the 1.55 is almost as smooth as the 1.15 (hard to tell unless you are paying ALOT of attention; also might be due to the fact it is titanium vs my stainless) whilst being MUCH more efficient! Judging from that I would say it has to be within the rage stated prior. It could be that the 1.45 is as efficient but is smoother (which I doubt based on LOOTs review between the two). Or something higher then the 1.55 is even more efficient while retaining the same smoothness. Or that 1.55 is truly where this sweet spot lies. This reminds me of the commercial with the owl and the tootsie pop; maybe the world will never know.

As such my next Wolfman Razor will be a 1.05 / 1.55 DC but as a SB on both side. I much rather bet on a known quality (1.55) then try to guess if a 1.60, 1.65, 1.70, or 1.75 is better as the smoothness and efficiency king.

I will say that yesterday morning I did a small experiment where I had replaced the titanium top cop with my own stainless steel mirror polished top cap. This configuration unlocked even more potential from the 1.55 WR2. It was smoother and even more efficient. Which in my mind makes sense as the mirror polished allows it to slide with less friction while the additional weight, specifically at the head making it more head heavy, allowed it to be more efficient with more weight backing each stroke.

To compare here are the weight specs between three configuration of the WR2.
All titanium: 62g
All titanium + stainless steel top cap: 69g
All stainless steel: 104g

As you can see the stainless steel top cap added 7 grams to the head along increasing the overall weight of the razor by 11.3%.

If any of you have both a titanium base-plate and a mirror polished top-cap I urge you to try this combination; I believe it will blow your mind.

In my next post I will post a new images of the REX Ambassador on the highest setting vs the WR2 1.55 and add some comments on my finding of the shave between the two.

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[Image: IMG-20190909-191109.jpg]

Two Long Strokes North to South (Rex on the left & Wolfman on the Right)

[Image: IMG-20190909-191614-2.jpg]

From this photo you can clearly see that the Wolfman out performed the Rex by a large margin.The majority of the hair on the Wolfman side is slightly above skin level whilst the Rex side had several hairs there are easily protruding above skin level by quite a bit.

Two Long Strokes North to South and South to North (Rex on the left & Wolfman on the Right): 4 Strokes Total

[Image: IMG-20190909-191823-2.jpg]

This photo has harder to judge at first. Originally I had though the the Rex performed better as half of the Rex side was shaven smooth; high DFS or low BBS. Whilst none of the WR2 side was shaven smooth. However upon further review I noticed that it seems the Rex didn't do much at all for the other half of it's side while the WR2 shaved it's entire side even closer. It was much more consistent and overall probably mowed down more hairs if we had to measure the weight of the hair and properly standardize it. However, a large thing to note is how much redder the left side is vs the Wolfman. This goes to show that the Rex irritated by skin ALOT more then the Wolfman even though both side only had a total of 4 long strokes performed.

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Reserved 6

I doubt I will need more then 6 post. So feel free to respond to the thread with which razor you will be interested in next.

Shave off against the Rocnel will be down tonight or early tomorrow morning.

Living on the edge
I think the 1.55 will be more efficient than every razor on that list.
Maybe the first review should focus solely on the hero of the thread.
Then whatever you please.

I am interested in comparison Rex (on max) vs 1.55. Enjoy your shaves and thank you.

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I am interested in the RS10 comparison

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