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Newport News, Virginia
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Hi ladies and gents,

Who am I?  I'm Peter Wolf, the sole owner and operator of Wolf Whiskers LLC.

Where am I? I currently live in Newport News, VA.  I'm always up for a visit if you pass thru or live in the area.  Please drop a line if you get near.

Where did I come from? I grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, but I joined the Navy after college and I retired from the US Navy in 2015 and completed my service with just over 20 years.  

Family? I am married and has 5 children from age 18 to age 9.
Why am I here?  I am here for you, for DFS and for myself, of course.  DFS is one of the most fair and honest forums I have found. It might be shocking to learn that not all forums are created equally. DFS allows a vendor to participate with transparency and has never required a huge vendor fee to participate or respond to posts. DFS does not have a "Pay to Participate" policy and never created policies extremely harmful to a small businesses who cannot afford to pay HUGE FEES. DFS actually allows a small vendor to speak up and defend themselves against misinformation that could otherwise destroy a small business and livelihood. KUDOS DFS for your fairness and support for us small vendors who would otherwise have no voice or ability to participate with transparency and integrity. (See, I didn't say a single negative word toward another forum and I will let you read between the lines.)

What is Wolf Whiskers AKA WW?  I only turn custom made shaving brushes.  

What makes me different?  Integrity, passion, and a high touch approach to making a custom piece for you.  I was one of the first shaving brush turning artists to dive into the world of casting my own color themes out of a liquid polyester resin material.  I now have over 50 color themes. I hand turn EVERY brush handle that I make on my lathe.  I have several shapes that I feature as my own designs and have made at least 30 different handle shapes.  And I have one of the most diverse selection of badger and synthetic knots from 4 knot vendors within the USA.  I do my best to maintain a high touch approach toward custom ordering and providing customer service.  It is my passion to do so.  

How do you contact me?  The best way is to search Wolf Whiskers shaving brushes and you will easily find links to contact me.  I have a website named www.wolfwhiskers.com and am also on Facebook often.  I am easy to approach...honestly.  I do have a tendency to get straight to the point, but don't let that be confused with rudeness.  I promise, it is 20 years of the Navy in the particular program in which I participated that most likely developed this character trait.  I'm working on it. My website has my email and even a phone number.  I can also use Face Time or Skype.

How do you order?  
Ordering custom work is different than purchasing many other products.  I can only make a limited production and as a result, I have a "Waiting List," but I tend to work thru the list fairly efficiently.  I make EVERY item to the request of each individual order.  It involves some preparation from you, the customer.  Looking at my gallery at the shapes and color themes and knowing what knot you like and the loft you prefer will make the process simple.  Here is a link on my whole process.   http://www.wolfwhiskers.com/the-process.html  It may take awhile, but many understand that getting just what you want takes some preparation and time.

What I don't or cannot do?  1) I don't deal with drama well in emails or on the forums.  2) I don't have a stock of brushes.  Not a single one. Now and then, I make an extra brush to introduce a new shape or color or just for fun, but this is rare.  3) I cannot ship animal hair outside of the USA.  4) For multiple questions, visit my FAQ page on my website. http://www.wolfwhiskers.com/faq.html

Where can I find out more?  Read the forums.  Visit my website, and galleries.  Ask people for their honest opinions or send me a PM. And most importantly, if you see something that seems unreasonable in other forums for which I cannot participate, please reach out directly to me for the truth.

Last note:  This is extremely hard to say, but it is important.  I love doing what I am doing, however, I am limited on production that I can do each month.   This is the nature with hand turned custom work.  With my current business model, EVERY committed custom order is very important to me and my family and the sustainability of Wolf Whiskers.   The Wait list enables me to plan ahead to determine the viability and sustainability of a custom work business model.   In order for me to continue to take custom orders, it is important to me and my family that you ensure the needs of your family are met first.  And when you obtain a modest discretionary surplus, we welcome your name submission on the wait list.  In short, planning is vital for all of us.

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Los Angeles
Good to see you here, Peter! Smile

Super Moderator
San Diego, Cal., USA
That's a great introduction, Peter. Happy2

Philadelphia, PA
thanks for joining, Peter.
Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

Arizona, USA
Welcome Peter!
“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.” ~ Carl Sagan
I have two of Peter's brushes and love them Smile

This one...
[Image: 288wjs0.jpg]

...and this guy:
[Image: 25h3b6p.jpg]

Newport News, Virginia
(12-15-2015, 08:34 AM)darkbulb Wrote: I have two of Peter's brushes and love them Smile

This one...
[Image: 288wjs0.jpg]

...and this guy:
[Image: 25h3b6p.jpg]

And your pictures are amazing. I was thinking of putting together super pretty pictures from my customers into an album. I even thought of making a calendar, but thought better of it.

Chazz Reinhold HOF
I am waiting for two beautiful Customs made by Peter. Everything was perfect, from the Waiting List to the final product.

Austin, TX
(12-15-2015, 03:09 PM)hrfdez Wrote: I am waiting for two beautiful Customs made by Peter.   Everything was perfect, from the Waiting List to the final product.

Hi Hector hrfdez- I fully agree! Fantastic workmanship and an absolute pleasure to work with Peter. Great communication, advice and beautiful end results.

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That's awesome what part of Newport New are you I actually work downtown.

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