Does anyone know when Gillette moved production of the Wizamet Polsilvers (brown box) from Łódź, Poland to St. Petersburg, Russia?

I’m trying to date some of my blades and I think the latest ones I bought, the last to be produced AFAIK, have no mention of Poland or Russia.

Oh and hello Damn Fine Shave, nice to meet you and I hope you don’t mind if I stay awhile!

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Vesper SP3CtRUMMaybe you guys can shed some light on this?

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(...)However, in 1992, the Wizamet plants faced severe financial difficulties, and the company was privatized. Gillette purchased 80% of the shares, while the remaining 20% were sold to Wizamet employees at a discounted price. The manufacturing of razor blades was then transferred to the Petersburg Products International plant in St. Petersburg, Russia, where Gillette was a partner.(...)

The History of Wizamet Company

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[Image: q0kfchy.png][Image: 7bzWwDS.png]

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(11-18-2023, 07:24 PM)Vesper Wrote: [Image: q0kfchy.png][Image: 7bzWwDS.png]

So if I understand the production locations correctly:

Pre 1992 - Łódź 
1993-2017 - Czech Republic 
2017 to whenever they quit making them - Russia

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No .

After Gillette took over Wizamet, they continued to produce blades in Poland (Gilpol) for two years. Then they moved production to the Czech Republic. And after not long time (I don't know exactly when ) they moved to India and Russia.

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wutshoes take a look at this

https://maborek.jkm.net.pl/POLSKA%20(POL...-08-20.pdf ?

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(11-18-2023, 09:15 PM)Vesper Wrote: wutshoes take a look at this

https://maborek.jkm.net.pl/POLSKA%20(POL...-08-20.pdf ?

Wow that’s awesome!  That’s like Mr. Razor level of dedication!  Mine look like these so I guess Czech?  I just thought they were more modern and Russian made. 

[Image: X3ZDd29.jpg]

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Of course the saga continues. A few years ago, PPI discontinued producing Polsilver blades. I still have a few of them, but I find them to be mid-sharp, sort of similar to Gillette Platinum and Gillette branded Wilkinson Sword blades made in India. While such blades are wonderful for many shavers, they were not really sharp enough for my tough beard. Availability of Polsilver blades is limited as inventories have diminished and prices have risen..

A few years ago, the PPI plant started producing Wizamet branded blades that lacked any reference to Polsilver. I did not use these blades until recently but found them to be very sharp and very smooth. They are not as sharp as Feather and BIC Chrome Platinum blades, but nearly so. I liked them so much that I purchased 100 blades, even though I already have enough blades to last for many years. If you like sharper blades, you might like the PPI Wizamets.

Earlier this year Gillette announced that they would discontinue producing blades in Russia for export. The blade production is being relocated to India and China. I suspect some blades might even be made in other countries where Gillette has production facilities. AFAIK, the only new production blades that have been seen in the market are Astra SP blades from India and King C Gillette blades produced in China. However, there are still Russian PPI blades in the supply chain. Only time will tell if all the PPI brands will be relocated or if some will simply die out.

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