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I received an email from Microsoft that Windows 11 was about ready to be installed and the kickoff for free installation would begin on October 6th. But before I could upgrade they had to run a diagnostic test to see if my computer could handle it capacity wise etc. The test was a success and a little down further on the results they said I could down load and install Windows 11 immediately. Since I have been running Windows 10 with my current laptop I bought 3.5 years ago I began the download.  It took about an hour and a twenty minutes but everything installed without a hitch. I thought after the install I would have to reinstall certain apps and do other configurations but everything looked the same (almost). Is the upgrad worth it even so its free for most people. I like the new operating system. For instance the start button for years was over at the bottom left hand corner. No more they moved it to the center bottom of the screen along with other app icons. If I press the start button a drop down displays system apps that Microsoft has decided you want. You have access to the settings icon and photo icon. If you want to uninstall apps just right click and delete them. Another change (for me anyway) is how I transfer pictures from my iphone to my computer. With Windows 10 all I did is plug in my phone to my computer USB port and they would transfer automactically. Now after trial and error I had to make sure my iphone was recognized by the computer and be logged in to iTunes (app). But it works pretty good.

Bottom line: I like Windows 11 (so far). The installation took about 1 hour 20 minutes. My internet runs 5G so that really speeds up computer operations.

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