This may be a bit of a stretch, but I took apart a Kai Gold-S and the plastic part reminded me of pictures of the Wilkinson Sword Bonded Blade system.  The Gold-S is from the same era as the Bonded System.  However, due to a tacit understanding between Kai and Feather, Kai did not make cartridges at that time, only disposables.

But there is clear inspiration from the Bonded (or was it the other way around?).  I would not be shocked if the Kai Gold-S head fits into the WS Bonded Blade handle.  The Kai Gold-S is actually a very good shaver, however the folded metal handle is light and short.  I jabbed a chopstick in the folded metal and it was a much better shaving experience.  Using a professional UK handle would be even better.

Can anyone measure the Bonded cart?  I can measure the Gold-S cart.  Maybe they match! If so, there is an inexpensive way to use currently produced items to extend the life of the Bonded handles.

1989 History of Kai:


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