I was scrounging around last night, and came across my Wilkinson Sticky razor in my desk.  I find it to be one of the nicest smoothest shavers I have ever used!  Does anyone else have one?  What are your thoughts?

Super smooth, mild, and efficient for me!



[Image: ogyXTzf.jpg]

[Image: 2xR3Hsd.jpg]

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It was my father’s first razor and he gave it to me before he passed away. Amazing razor!

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I have one. Love the aesthetic.  A functional piece of art.

[Image: aTNxSxR.jpg]

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Very cool Gents!!!



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I read great things about them but they go for a prettier penny than I'm willing to give for one..................but I keep my yes open at times to find a deal on a good condition one.
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Certainly keep your eyes open.  I actually bought one today for 103 shipped.  It is NOS mint.

I was exceedingly pleased!  In all likelihood I won’t use it, and will simply pass it on to one of my sons.



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