Why no love for The Body Shop Maca Root? https://youtu.be/VVaQteKVzaQ

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Shoot, I love the stuff. Just used it yesterday.
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Count me in the love it camp! I've only used a sample container, but it is one of the slickest products I've ever used. The scent is nice too. The next time I'm near a Body Shop store, I'll be picking up a tub.
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Too many other wonderfully scented soaps that I like much better. Shy

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It's a great cream and I remember that every time I use it. I just have way too many soaps and creams!

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Never tried it, but I just have too many soaps to justify buying something to test.
I bought some while traveling last year and it performed very well, it's a nice fresh spa scent too. I think a lot of people like it.

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It is easily one of the best actual creams that I have used. I'm not typically fond of creams either, but if I were to buy one ever again then it would probably be Maca Root.

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Performance was very good. However I didn't care for the scent.

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A few days into DE shaving, I began to get red blotches on my face after shaving - so having only used TOBS Sandalwood soap up until then I sought a 2nd soap/cream to try to see if it was the TOBS causing the irritation. I heard that The Body Shop had Maca Root shaving cream so with no other local alternatives for shaving soap or cream samples, I headed there and procured myself a free small sample jar of the stuff, along with a sample of their Maca Root Razor Relief.

After my first shave with it, I noted in my shave log that the pea-sized blob I'd scooped out of the jar lathered up quickly and impressively in my mug and the product was "nice", but also wrote that I felt the TOBS lather last longer and provided better cushion. And I still got red blotches afterwards. So in order to narrow the variables, for the next few weeks I stuck with the TOBS. I finally solved my irritation issue a few weeks later by adding a homemade preshave gel to my routine. Over the next couple of months, I tried the TBS Maca Root sample again intermittently and also bought Nivea Men's Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin and Tabac soap. Both of those products provided excellent irritation-free shaves - as was my TOBS now, so whenever I came back to the Maca Root I didn't note down anything in particular that was amazing or better about it. I was, at that point, disappointed in the product. As I was with the TBS Shave Relief, which didn't do anything for me except sting a bit.

Weeks later (the day of my 64th face shave, as it happens), I looked on my shelf and noticed I still had the Maca Root sample jar with what I figured was 1 more shave's worth of cream in it - but once I'd scraped the jar clean I realized it was actually about the size of 2 peas - and when I mug-lathered it, it "exploded" and my brush was soon lost in deep lather! I'd read about "exploding lather" but this was the first time I'd experienced it! The shave itself wasn't great (took an incredibly long time to get BBS though that was due to the blade, I believe) - but the protection the soap gave me in light of the insane number of strokes I took without reapplication was amazing. As I had so much unused lather in my mug, I figured if I left it in there instead of rinsing it out, I could try rehydrating it the next day.

And I did exactly that, and the shave with the rehydrated lather was amazing - the best face shave to date (I had enough lather to also do my head). I'd recorded many many great shaves already - but the difference this day was that my skin felt different - really soft and supple; I mean the post-shave feel was FANTASTIC. I faceturbated all day and all night.

I'd still had a bit of little lather left over so was excited about reusing it the next day, though unfortunately there was only enough for 1 pass.

I want more. In fact, as I don't actually NEED any soap or cream for quite some time to come, and can't justify spending CAD$18 on it for that reason, I may just procure another sample so I can prove to myself that what I experienced was no fluke and that it is indeed a worthy product. Plus, I was mug lathering my first sample and would like to try face lathering it - I've not used the mug at all since last month when I became a face lathering convert. Yeah, okay - I'm just fishing for excuses to get my hands on some more!

To be completely honest, when I first sampled the Maca Root shaving cream, a Boxing Week 50%-off sale had just ended. TBS often does 'Buy 3 get 2' and 'Buy 2 get 1' deals but those don't interest me - if I was to buy a jar, I'm holding out for another 50%-off deal.

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