Hi guys I'm going to be getting a wolfman soon as I signed up to there list awhile ago and it's nearly my turn. Just wanted some advice on what to go for. I already have a wr2 1.25 SB witch is perfect for me in high polish. So was thinking to get the satin brushed polish in a Wr1. I'm just not sure what blade gap to go for and whether to try a open comb version. Also not sure what Handel to get I have a wrh2 so definitely something different to that. Also does anyone know if the blade hang is the same on the WR1.
I cannot comment on the blade hang differences, but in my experience the efficiency and smoothness of a WR2 1.25 head is somewhere between 0.67 and 0.80.
Which Wolfman is the $64,000 question . Trying to figure that out is why guys have so many of those, and the other usual suspects.  Wink

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I guess the extant 448 ppg. thread has not covered this yet.  Rolleyes

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Ummm.... All of them?

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Timely thread!

I currently own a WR2 1.25 as well

My name just came up on the list for a second Wolfman

Like the OP, I want to try something new/different as well

I was thinking of a WR1 OC or DC with the .74 or .80 gap

Definitely the basic matte finish this time.

Tough decisions!

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I have a 1.25 SB and a .74 OC. I think they’re similar in efficiency, but the WR1 has a little more blade feel. I like having both since they provide different experiences. As far as the handle goes, maybe try a hollow #1 handle. I have the #2 knurling on my #1 handle. I like the way it looks and feels.
Yes I'm thinking to get the wr1 80mm open comb. Does anyone know if the blade hang on wr1 is the same as wr2?

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I say 0,67 based on experience but also suggest :

James would be well advised to sponsor a passaround with a range of dual gap heads so multiple hundred page posts on the subject would not be needed and razors not resold soon after acquisition due to the gap being mismatched to the user.

While surely he doesn’t have to do this, there is a demonstrated need and it could be limited to verified buyers whose name is within a month or two of being called

Yes, I am a many multiple Wolfman user and owner and yes, love his razors and no, not really wanting a WR2 or any other current production Wolfman SS razors (would gladly buy a Copper though) so please no snarks suggesting trying to score free Wolfman razors

Flame away

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How do you get a copper or brass wolfman?

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