Poll: Which type of aftershave do you prefer
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Alcohol based aftershave
68.29% of votes
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Alcohol free aftershave
31.71% of votes
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Millbrae - CA
Which type of aftershave do you prefer to use?


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I prefer booze in my Splash. Big Grin

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I prefer alcohol based aftershaves. It may not be the very best for your skin, but I enjoy a little “burn”, and the few that I really enjoy all seem to be very soothing to my skin. My favorite Aftershave Splashes are B&M’s Reserve, Wholly Kaw, and Chatillon Lux. All have wonderful scents and leave my face feeling great.

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I've only used 1 aftershave splash w/o alcohol and thought it was nice, but ended up selling along with the matching soap for reasons unrelated to performance. I've had some alcohol based aftershaves that burned so bad that I dumped them down the drain, though it was likely the menthol and/or essential oils. (I have an unscented, non-mentholated alcohol based splash that doesn't burn much).

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Philadelphia, PA
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I use both, but I use alcohol-free more because of my beard. if I use an alcohol-based aftershave, I'll need to apply a beard oil or wax as well..

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

Traverse City, Mi
I mostly use alcohol based aftershave splashes. I really like the face feel. I have oily skin so balms seem make things worse. My favorites are Chatillon Lux, B&M and Stirling.

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San Diego, Cal., USA
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I use both balms and splashes (alcohol and non-alcohol), though I have been using more balms lately.  With the dry conditions we have been having in San Diego, the balms seem more moisturizing.  The exception to the balm/moisturizing idea is Chatillon Lux, both their splashes and toners.  They moisturize nicely without leaving a greasy feeling.

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B&M’s AS splash formula is the best artisan AS that I’ve used. Looking forward to trying the new CRSW formula with the new Glide scents.

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Northern NJ
I cannot use alcohol based anything on my face as it is not healthy for rosacea prone skin.

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