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Probably not a a question for folks that haven't ever seen a doughnut whole in a soap tin, but let me explain. If you're very easily horrified, this is not your topic ;-)

I've been using the same brush ever since I started lathering. This must be over 15 years of daily usage now. It's a full badger Wilkinson brush, same are still made today.

My wife has been regularly using the same for lathering her legs over the last few years - even after multiple requests not to - and she is not that good on gently use. I can still use it, but its hard to make nice lather.

So I treated myself today on a nicely discounted Proraso brush, I've read some good reviews. Can't wait to try.

But the old one... Should I keep it?

[Image: CG2wl1P.jpg]

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Sure, keep it.  Give it a spa day; start with a warm slow soak in a bath of water, Dawn and Borax followed by a gentle massage on an Egyptian Cotton towel.  Let it rest in the sun for a full day and then only use it every third day.  Give it a couple days off between labors.

Shelves with half century old brushes that still get used regularly
[Image: medium800.jpg]

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To be vintage it must be older than me!
The last razor I bought was the next to last razor I will ever buy!

Thanks I like that advise, I'll see if I can get the listed to show my thanks for all those years.

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I'd keep it even if you don't use it any more - you don't dump an old friend just because he's old do you? Well, I know some who have but thats another story. I'd also get your wife her own brush. I'm all for sharing and closeness etc in a marriage but personal grooming tools should be that, personal. Thats just my opinion.

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Same here, I'd keep it. I'm a bit sentimental and I' don't usually throw my old stuff away. If it was mine and no longer as functional, I could probably have it re-knotted to breath new life into it.

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I'll part with my brushes when somebody prys them from my cold dead hands!

Get your wife a bigassed synthetic. She'd probably like it better. Then ask her not to use it. Problem solved.

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You keep your wife, family* and friends. You do not keep old cars, refrigerators, power tools. etc.

I could understand keeping to re-knot (soon) or if the wife wants the brush.

Edit: * - family includes pets

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