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I'm currently considering buying Guerrilla .69 or 84 in aluminum or stainless steel.

I don't know how different the metals are.

In terms of gliding, is there any difference between both?

If it does, I will choose more smooth one.

I don't care about the weight difference between aluminum and stainless steel.

Please help me choose one.
I like stainless steel because I like the weight difference and I think it looks better.  Sometimes aluminum can look a little cheap if it isn't finished well.  

But I think you're gonna be happy either way!

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I like S.S. It helps a razor glide better when your using a quality lather. I have a few aluminum razors and they shave fine. But I enjoy the heft more.

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I agree with the other's, I much prefer stainless steel. I have only 1 aluminum razor, a Henson AL13 ++ in steel blue. I can tell you right now, its just too light. While its lightness, an easy angle, make it a nice fast performance shaving razor, for when I need to do quick shaves, its just not the kind of weight and quality that I typically seek from a razor, or a typically slower luxury shave. After that first experience with aluminum, I decided that I didn't want to buy another aluminum razor ever again.

I would prefer to use stainless steel any day over aluminum. When you hold a stainless steel razor in your hand, you literally feel the quality, and easily becomes like an extension of your arm, to wield the whisker reduction tool, to bring whisker chaos to order. You have the added benefits of no rust, and depending on what brand you choose, excellent CNC machining. My highest end SS razor is my Blackland Osprey Adjustable, and its literally my most favorite razor in my collection, you can see it in my avatar, barely.

Or, if you want to take it up a notch, you could always get the best of both worlds with titanium. Yes titanium, the goldilox alloy, that gives you the weight in between aluminum and stainless steel. But its a higher end metal alloy, that will last centuries, will never ever rust or corrode, as its not susceptible to that, by its inherent design, with no need of plating protection either really. And something about the metal feels soft, as its gliding on my face. I love my Timeless TI95 razor, its very nice.

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In order of weight, I think you will find bronze is the heaviest followed by brass and stainless, which are similar. Titanium is lighter still. Aluminum is even lighter. Plastic is by far the lightest weight.

I own brass, stainless and titanium razors. Although expensive, I have developed a real fondness for titanium. I have shied away from aluminum razors as being too light. The only plastic razors I have used are things like BIC disposables which I do not enjoy using at all. If you want a lighter razor and can afford titanium, I would suggest going that route.

Brass razors are great, but unless they are chrome plated, they do develop a patina which you might love or hate.

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