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Captain's choice / bay rum [Image: 6b29979fcbedf636fbf0f7e04d297dfa.jpg]

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A superlather made with Barbasol Extra Moisturizing SC, Cremo Cooling SC, Proraso Green SC.

It was very protective and slick.

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Sandwich Islands
Rose de Pushkar (Le Père Lucien) light authentic rose

I think I must have got a bum tub of this soap. This afternoon I watched several videos where shavers conjure up mounds of rich lather using Rose de Pushkar, and I read several reviews that bore solemn witness to the soap's excellence. But I can't get anything but a frail and fleeting puff of suds from this puck. I have many other soaps made by Le Père Lucien, and they all work very well. This rose, though, withers right before my eyes, no matter how much soap I put in the lather bowl or which of my brushes I use. I've been trying to make something of it for a couple years now, without much luck. And after five failed lathers today, I think this tub is headed for the showers.
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