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San Diego, Cal., USA
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Chicago, IL
Shannon's Soaps Forest City Fern

Sandwich Islands
Fougère (Eufros) floral fougère

Just below the bathroom window my wife has planted her herb garden. If I’m lucky, she’ll be watering it while I’m shaving, and the smells of warm damp earth along with the tart scents of rosemary, mint, and basil will mingle with the herby floral aromas of Eufros Fougère, and I’ll think to myself what a wonderful world.
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Woodstock, Vermont
I want to stop by Bouki's windowsill for a chat and inhale all that minty goodness.

P&B Albion

Revisiting Phoenix & Beau and really glad I did. These are wonderful soaps made by a great couple in Hitchin north of London. Their new Imperial Rum will be released at the end of May.

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