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When I still lived in Boston, I frequented two or three barbershops, depending on how I was feeling and what I wanted. But I know several guys who go to one barber always, for whatever reason. I'm rather curious as to the nature of these great shops, so what's your favorite barbershop and why do you like it so much?


Razors Barbershop: Nice people, friendly atmosphere, good prices. Unfortunately, was a bit out of the way for me a lot of the time, which is why I often went to Ball & Buck (below).

Ball & Buck: Great vintage atmosphere, one barber and one chair. Very personal. A bit pricier than Razors, but easier to get to and often less rushed.

What say you?
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I just go to a local barbershop.  The barber who happily butchered my hair for about 10 years finally retired.  (I never worried about it because my hair always grew back so he could try again).  Now, at the same shop a little (stature wise) lady is doing the deed and she is so much better.  I never change barbershops because I loathe getting my hair cut.  I'm too antsy so the faster they can cut and I can go, I'm outta there.  And heaven help the barber who wants to wash my hair!  I wash my hair each evening and don't need someone doing that for me.  A simple misting with a spray bottle by the barber works just as well for me.  I had a friend who found going to the barber relaxing, of all things.  Please, life is too short.  Besides, after a few weeks one just has to start the process all over again.

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Since I shave my head daily I don't go to the barber Smile  however, a good friend family friend is a retired barber and once a month I take my boys by for a cut.  He's got a bunch of his old barber stuff out and set up in his out building.  He won't take money so I'll take a good bottle of scotch over every other month.  He even hooks me up with a face shave (before we get into the scotch of course)

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my sister is a hair dresser and cuts my hair. Tongue
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Two places come to mind for me for different reasons:

1) Kings Barber Shop in Urbana Illinois.  I was a postdoc at the time and a grad student recommended the place to me.  It was a little hole in the wall that was run out of a house.  It always smelled musty, they always watched the Price is Right, all of the barbers were older gentlemen and they only took cash using a vintage cash register.  One in particular was an Vietnam vet who was always complaining about various ailments and issues...he gave a decent haricut, but always made me nervous with the straight razor. I will always remember the atmosphere of that place.

2) Imperial Barber Shop in Ottawa On.  I have never had as good a haircut as I did at the shop on Slater St.  Much more expensive, but the consistency in quality was unmatched.  They always took their time and finished the experience with a hot towel.

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Before moving back to Austin I went to Swaim's Barbershop in SoCal. It was the oldest business in Costa Mesa [Ed opened it after returning from WWII].

I loved it... Two chairs. Great cuts, occasionally a straight shave. Old timers telling lies over coffee while reading the newspaper.

It was on an alley, just the pole visible- no sign.

The most remarkable thing, Ed was in his late 70's and had a bit of a tremor. When he picked up a straight, absolutely steady as a rock.

Pinaud, Lucky Tiger, the usual suspects to finish off and he would always run his hands through the fresh cut with the aftershave.

Great place and took me back to my youth for the traditional barbershop experience.
The Humble Barber in Summerside, PEI, Canada.
Got a fantastic haircut and hot towel shave for $41 Canadian....ya thats right. One Barber One Chair. An old school rustic feel mixed with te right amount of modern touches. The barber is a younger guy who is really in touch with the whole experience and makes the visit so enjoyable.
I actually wrote a post about my experience at the shop and how much I loved it on my blog.

The Humble Barber Blog Post

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I live in southern Vermont and have yet to find a real barber shop near me. I go to a salon for haircuts. She does a nice job but I don't particularly like going there and it's too expensive ($24 plus tip) for what I need. I also don't like that I have to make an appointment weeks in advance.

As a kid growing up on Long Island, I'd go to the town barber on a Saturday morning, sit and read SI until he got to me, and walk out for about $5 (tip included). He didn't do as nice a job, but I prefer the atmosphere.

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Near me is a Barber shop. Just Barbers, car, sports, and handyman magazines. They cut your hair and shave you neck with a straight razor. $13 plus tip.

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Forgot the name - Old Milford Barbershop.

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My local barbershop is just called, "Barber Shop." The barber is semi-retired, so it is only open in the morning, five days a week. He's old school, doesn't charge much, and cleans up up around the ears and neck after a haircut with an honest to goodness, freshly stropped straight razor. I really need to ask if he still offers a straight razor shave. Really good barber and all around great guy. I'm going to miss having him there when he finally retires full-time.

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