Redwood City
I'm a huge fan of Rhino from Zoologist/Chiseled Face but they don't have a matching splash. I own the EdP and would like to mix it into an unscented alcohol-based aftershave. Why? Great question. The EdPs are quite strong and there are some days when i just want to use a small bit of the fragrance. And i also am weird and need to have matching splashes for all of my soaps. What unscented splashes do you recommend? I'd prefer splashes that aren't just water and alcohol and would prefer an alcohol-based splash that also leaves my face somewhat soft. Moal Grooming has great splashes like this.
You might check out Stirling's unscented AS splash. Their splashes perform very well for me in that they are alcohol-based but have some skin goodies that leave a very nice face feel without being greasy/oily.

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