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G'day DFS,

What's you're experience with Gillette Sputnik Teflon Coated blade made from Russia any good or bad, also are they're very similar too Voskhod blade.

[Image: gillette-sputnik.jpg]

Cheers Happy2
I have used a few tucks over the past few years and to be frank it's a fickle blade for me. It's a great utilitarian blade that is very dependent upon the razor used however, IMO. I have read that it is the cheapest Gillette blade sold in Russia and their most sold there as a result.

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I like them they are no the sharpest blade out there but very smooth and comfortable. The first few strokes on a new blade can be rough but that goes away and it works just fine.

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I have so many blades that are better than these. Middle of the road, decent blade.
I have a full tuck (and a few loose blades) left of these. Glad I didn't invest heavily in them.

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When I was staying in Eastern Europe I picked up a few packs of these and they work, never had a bad shave, I would group them in around Ladas, Personna, and Astra IMO. They will never be a go to blade for me, but you won't have a bad shave with one

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I have used 2 of these. They weren't all that great. I have other blades which are better.
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I have had very positive experiences which Sputnik blades - very smooth and comfortable to me.

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In an Edwin Jagger DE89, the Sputnik blades gave shaves that were OK, but slightly less close than I get from many other blades. There was moderate tugging and pulling, and a few nicks. It is an okay blade at best in this razor. In a Merkur 34C, there was lots of tugging and pulling while shaving. Quite uncomfortable! Shaves are not close at all with three passes, and there is minor irritation. With more passes, the shaves become close, but irritating. Not a good blade for me. It might work better for you - or not.

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Speedy my brother, I only have limited experience with this blade(one tuck), but I would put them on par with the Voskies.
In both my adjustables, they delivered pretty much the same shave.

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These blades are one of the most common in Russia. They are produced in St. Petersburg at the Procter & Gamble factory. I use them very often. Much sharper than Rapira Platinum Lux and Voskhod, very similar to Astra Superior Stainless.

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