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I often get asked by new customers: What’s the best soap formula you make. My reply is always: They’re all the best I make. Each formula satisfies different criteria. I approach formula design based on ingredients synergies, slickness, post-shave feel, customer’s preferences to using vegan or vegetarian ingredients, and price points. Over time, many customers have developed keen interest in certain formulas. Customers voicing their preferences has encouraged me to continue exploring new formula design and I have challenged myself several times to come up with distinguished formulae, such as Nai and the upcoming Kairos. Grooming Dept gives customers the choice when it comes to price, post-shave and scent complexity. The ethos of Grooming Dept is to relentlessly innovate. In 2020 I hope to offer a wide range of post shave products. I’m grateful for your support, your patience, and your business.

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Lusso is the best. The answer is lusso ;-).

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The one I'm using at the time  Happy2

Mo, you are the great innovator.  Don't ever stop.  I would like to suggest the following as your anthem 


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The most important feature I seek in a shaving soap is post-shave. For me, the Lusso formula is the best among your formulas (I haven't try Fortis and Nai yet). Morning shave with Luxor, I love the scent just second behind Cascade ( To my nose your best scent ever).

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I know there's differences in the formulas but to me they are subtle.
Lusso seemed a little thicker/creamier than primos (before the fire) smells like one of the Wrigley's chewing gums I chewed as a kid to me.
I like the duck fat mallard one (Kulfi) ( smells great)I can't say at the moment how the formula compares to me.
Maleki Donkey base ( I like the scent strength and scent works too) great post shave and lather.
Aion (Nai base formula) is the last one I got, I got thinner lathers on the first couple of bowl mixes. I added more soap 1/4- 1/2 tsp compared to my usual 1/4 tsp and it came out slick and cushiony. Fabulous post-shave I thought on this .
Those are some of my experiences and thoughts. Just remember our individual experiences and thoughts differ as also I think they can change over time with added usage.

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My perspective: the bases are as different as traditional seasonal German beers - each appropriate to the weather - and exhibiting dramatically different properties especially post shave.

Lusso is perfect for the Deep South summers filled with heat and humidity - it has a light feel to the skin and hydrates without clogging the pores or over moisturizing

Donkey Milk is the perfect shoulder season formula with more cushion and moisturizing yet still sufficiently light and slick for the transitional weather conditions less humid and hot

Duck Fat is fantastic for those 2 months of cold, dry and windy conditions where maximum cushioning and maximum hydration is needed including the post shave

The beef, vegetable and lamb base are all top shelf too but these are my big 3 at the moment.  Have not tried the Nai base so can not comment but user posts indicate it reminiscent of ABC which would be nice for straight razor shaving.  Kairos sample is in transit; from reports it likely will find a home in the rotation.  Note no comments on scent as don't purchase scented soaps and this a thread re bases.  Wish the Nai base came in an unscented variant but....

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I've tried them all (I think) and my favorite is any GD soap base with lamb tallow.
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My current favorite has to be the Nai base (Aion). The post shave is just so far beyond anything else I’ve used.

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I will be trying various grooming dept soaps these next few weeks but so far I've only used the Lusso. The stuff is really fantastic. I'll share more when I've tried them all

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