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Tonights meal was a Taylor Pork Roll knockoff sandwich. I didn't buy the TPR, I made it from a recipe. Unless you're from the NY/NJ/Philly area you have no idea how much we go through withdrawal for this sausage. My solution was find a knockoff recipe and make it myself.

It can be eaten hot or cold and I like it both ways. Here it is as a fried product. The sandwich contains Hoffmans super sharp American cheese, the TPR, caramelized onions, and grey poupon mustard.
[Image: DSC04247_zpsfcmionnr.jpg]

Dessert will be a bit of McGillicuddys cherry liqueur.

If anyone wants the recipe, or for that matter a slew of other sausage recipes, just let me know and I'll post links. All it takes is a modicum of basic intelligence and a grinder to make any sausage; assuming ingredients.

FWIW, the folks who actually have made this sausage and haven't lived in that area have loved it. It's not difficult, it just takes time, but not your time over and above any other sausage.

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Looks delicious, Brian!
Note to self: never open "The Kitchen" hungryBig Grin

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yum. how about some good scrapple?

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

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(06-16-2015, 05:36 AM)andrewjs18 Wrote: yum.  how about some good scrapple?

You definitely know Taylor Pork Roll since it's made in your backyard.

I'd have to make the scrapple myself as I know what's in commercial scrapple and I won't eat it. I must admit that I've never had scrapple because of that. I'm just too busy and content with the sausages that I already make to make more types. OK, we run out of room in the freezer too.

I think our next "new" sausage will be a hot dog diameter of our kielbasa. I love hot dogs, just not so much commercial dogs. Right now we're on the lookout for more boneless butts since that's the raw material for all of it. We need to make more TPR too since we only have one more in the freezer.

Central Maine
A local restaurant chain was having their 56 year anniversary today so they were offering lobster rolls for $5.56. With a green salad, that was dinner.

[Image: DSC04248_zpsdza1vhgf.jpg]

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Tomorrow I don't have time to cook anything for breakfast, and I've been wanting to make a crumb cake soooo... "Dessert" for breakfast tomorrow.

[Image: DSC04255_zps4awjm8eg.jpg]

Of course the cook had to test it to make sure it wouldn't poison anyone. I'd make it again.

It's hard to tell under the confectioners sugar, but there were more crumbs than batter, but the batter rose in the oven. Still, it's pretty crumby.

This is the recipe I used. >>>>>>>>>click here <<<<<<<<<<

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Brian, in Brooklyn, where I grew up, that was a staple. Smile

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Same for us in NJ. Oddly enough I've heard that it's unknown outside of that general area. More for us. :-)

If you can't buy it, it's easy to make. I used a stand mixer and I even screwed up the recipe and it still worked. I bet a handheld electric mixer would work. If you try the recipe let me know how it works for you.

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Whenever Brian says "you can screw it up and it works", that's my cue to try it! His no knead bread recipe is still very popular in my house Wink

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OK, I didn't read the recipe through. I just dumped all of the ingredients into the mixer, THEN I read the recipe. Wrong! I didn't cream the butter and sugar as a first step.

To make up for it I whipped all of the batter ingredients a bit longer to aerate them and crossed my fingers. It worked, but it'll also work to actually follow the directions. I don't like the way MS writes a recipe. I need to rewrite it step by step; 1,2,3,4, etc. . I wouldn't deliberately not follow the recipe. It's still pretty easy. Oh, and I always add more spices and such than what's called for. Not wildly more, just more.

I need some sleep.

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