I have a Ever-ready brush that I got at an antique store and cleaned it up. I only used it a few times but the knot is too scritchy.
I want to get a new knot in it but not sure which one. I own quite a few different variety of knot type.
My question is what do you recommend?


Get a Semogue bush with a wooden handle. They come with a metal ring around the knot so you can easily split the handle with a chisel to extract the knot. The 1520 would be a good choice as the knot is the same as the 620 which is very popular. I've also heard great things about the 1800. If you do go that route don't worry about the knot size vs your hole until you've extracted the knot as the metal ring is in the form of a cone and has a lip.

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Here's a picture of my restored EveryReady 150 with a Semogue 1460.
[Image: 50fcf32d42c99bda75b622193d4037b4.jpg]

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Nice thanks for the tips.
I might look into the Semogue 620.
I have 2 other Semogue's the 1305 the SOC and Omega Pro S I think like them all.
I'm not familiar with the specific brush or whether you're looking to set a boar or badger knot in it, but if you can get an Envy White knot from Nathan Clark off Etsy in the appropriate size you should find it really nice.

I've used TGN in the past for badger knots. Have tried several of their different grades and really like their Finest too.

I don't have much input on boar besides owning a Semogue I like quite a bit as well. Mine is the 830 I think. Natural color hair with the black and clear handle. Took a bit to break in.
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It would really depend on what kind of knot you are looking for.

TGN Finest 2-Bands are a good option as are their boar or synthetic knots.

You, also, have many other options on ebay or etsy with a variety of knots.

Good luck.
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Yeah I have a Rudy Vey brush with a TGN 2-band finest.
I have 3 each of boar, synthetic and silver tip. I like that iead of a Envy white from Nathan Clark or try to get one of those high Mountain white's too.
I'll will look into all these options and see what happens and let ya'll know.

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