[Image: sRSe56p.jpg]What kind of razor is this and is it any good?

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Gillette Superspeed Smile
What Freddy said..  Although he failed to answer your second question.  Smile Before Gillette sucked' just about anything vintage today that they made was/is good, otherwise you wouldn't have it in your hands today.  Most of Gllettes razors can and have been beat to hell over decades of use and abuse and it's amazing what a dose or two of baking soda and boiling water reveals on these things, well made everyday razors designed to last a hundred years.

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By the way, these "flare tip" Superspeeds came later in the razor's development.  I have a 1953 Superspeed and they did not have the flare tip.

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As Freddy said, that's a Flare-Tip Superspeed. They were made for many years.

Also, they are good shavers and are on the milder side. They were built like tanks and they keep functioning flawlessly even after taking a beating. That one looks to be in decent shape. It's a great razor to learn (and stick) with.

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- Yohann
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Flair tips are great razors.  Not the fanciest but rock solid reliable and non-irritating. Not to mention copied many many times, including some modern production razors.

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I believe the "Flair Tips" we're made from 1954 till 1966. There was also a later black handled version. If you look under the head you'll find a date code. There's a letter indicating the year of manufacture and a number indicating the quarter of that year. You can find charts on line that help you match the letter with a corresponding year. Or post it on here and I can look it up for you.

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