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What is your favorite new TTO razor?
Trying to shave  a monkey is bad for your health!


United Kingdom
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GEM Flying Wing - with the Gillette Aristocrat #16 a distant second.

Apologies, I didn't read the 'new' part. That said, having held one or two 'new' TTOs, I'd personally go vintage every day of the week in preference to any modern offering.

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The only one I've tried, a Parker 22r. It was my first DE razor and I still use it sometimes. I like it well enough.

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- Jeff

Chazz Reinhold HOF
I'll have to say, my new to me, GEM Micromatic.

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There is absolutely no way on earth I would by a new TTO razor with the vintage razors available. I want to love the Red Tip just because I think they look cool. I get a super comfortable shave from them, I just don't get BBS. The Slim, for me, might be the closest shaving AND most comfortable razor I have tried...and I don't want to like it. The damn thing is an over achiever! I paid $5 for it at a flea market and spent 3 hrs cleaning the nasty thing. Put a blade in it and could not believe what was happening.
Not saying you should run out and buy one, but for me, this ugly ass Gillette Slim is worth its weight in gold!


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Italian barber has a TTO that I own, I hate it. Feels like a pop can on my face, its aggressive but not a good aggressive. I'm not sure there is a current TTO razor on the market worth a flip. I have also used and had parkers offerings. Also, Bad in the TTO world.

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Austin, TX
I tend to agree with Brent. I don't own any modern TTO razors nor have ever tried. Have several vintage Gillettes that are great to use and can be found for a reasonable price. Solid values and you can always get them replated if you want something more "minty".

Regardless, interesting thread!

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I bought my son the VdH starter kit and razor so he could start learning.  I tried out the razor and I will say it has got to be the worst and cheapest razor that I have ever used.  That's why I got him a Gillette slim for him to use now.  I would say for the price of the modern TTO's, it would be hard not to choose a vintage Gillette in good operating condition.

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Greenville, SC USA
Bought a Parker 99R as one of the initial razors with which to re-enter the wet shaving world. Though I'm sure my technique wasn't as good as now, I didn't develop a fondness for it. Sanitized it and gave it to the local animal thrift shop. Looking for a good Slim as we speak!

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Does Mean I Must Buy High End Shaving Gear?

Vintage Razor Fan
Southwestern NY
OK, overall I would agree with everyone voting vintage over new TTO. But, I have not tried many contemporary TTO's. My first DE shave was with a Feather Popular. This was a razor I ordered on Amazon on a whim(I should have recognized the pattern of "whim" purchase) after I ordered my Merkur 34C HD. As fate would have it, the Popular arrived 1st and I couldn't wait to start on this adventure.

The Feather Popular is mostly plastic, but doesn't feel cheaply made. It is a very mild shaver, but paired with a Feather blade, is effective enough to get at least a SAS with minimal effort and little risk of irritation or nicks.

I still have my Feather Popular and use it occasionally.

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