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I'm surprised that a lot on here don't like Voskhod. I have a 100 pack of them and their probably my favorite blade.

Now the worst blades I've tried were Merkur, Dorco 301, Derby and Super max titanium. I've had others that weren't great but these were awful.
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Vintage Shaver
Seattle, WA
These Balaka blades from Bangladesh were the worst I have ever tried. I very quickly "PIFed" them to another fool to experience.
[Image: 5Et4rmA.jpg]
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Ferndale, MI
^Ugh...those look bad just judging by the packaging!
- Jeff
Merkur and Derby, then Feather DE blades (I like the AC blades).
The Merkur blades are the absolute worst blades ever.
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The Merkur blades, which for me shave with all the smoothness, comfort and closeness of a broken glass bottle.
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Central Maine
By a wide margin, the Dorco 301 and 300.
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Wilmo DE
Mine was a Wilkinson Sword.
I'd have to dig the tuck out to find out where made but it was the roughest and tuggiest blade I've ever encountered.

Looking back now it must of been a bum blade as I can get a dfs out of most blades.

South Saint Louis, MO
Derby blades felt like they were plucking the hairs out one by one. Maybe it was just an off day, but the one time I used a Bolzano Superinox blade, it tore up my face so badly that I'll probably never give it another shot.
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