smells okay but stings if i don't moisturize after i shave.

I haven't used it but I give it a sniff whenever I find myself in the shaving aisle at a store. I don't like the scent enough to buy it. I prefer Skin Bracer, Clubman or even Brut for my cheap aftershave fix. Lol

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- Jeff

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I haven’t used it in decades so I am not even sure if it is still the same scent I vaguely remember.  However, like Jeff (wyze0ne), I have other inexpensive aftershaves that fill that need as both aftershave and final fragrance.  In my case, I’m thinking of Pashana Original Aftershave and Clubman Special Reserve After Shave Cologne.

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I use it.

I'm a fan of alcohol based aftershaves. It's one of my top favorites. Especially in the warmer months. I even mix it occasionally as I use it by adding some to my hand and adding something else.

The scent fades pretty quickly I think, so some of my aftershaves that have stronger staying power go nicely with it. Tones down the overpowering ones for me.

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Shave yourself.
It's provided in the locker room at the YMCA.  I have a slight preference for the Canada only green over the Classic Blue but I enjoy both.

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Aqua Velva's great stuff. I like the Ice Blue, but I wish that we could get the green AV Sport version here in the states.


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I like it as well. Only have the Blue here in the States. I think I recall that Mickey Oberman really likes it. He's in Canada and could get both.

Like all alcohol based after shaves, it will have some burn when applied. If it continues burning after that, I would have concern that one of the ingredients doesn't work for you saxophonist56

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(12-20-2017, 08:03 PM)chevyguy Wrote: Aqua Velva's great stuff. I like the Ice Blue, but I wish that we could get the green AV Sport version here in the states.


According to the info on the bottle the AV Original Sport office is at
Combe Incorporated
1101 Westchester Avenue
White Plains, NY
10604 U.S.A.
1-800-431-2610 for any questions

I like Aqua Velva because, to me, all three scents have a masculine scent.

I admit my scent detector is not very reliable but I MUSK do with what I have.

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Love it & use it. Ice blue. I tend to stick with what works best for me so I have not tried many other aftershaves but no problem, I'm content as is. Agreed, masculine scent.

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Toronto, Ont. Canada
I like all three flavours but A V Musk is my favourite over any and all after shaves that I have inhaled.

I guess I am just a lovesick deer at heart.


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