What is your go to gear for long trips?

Redwood City
I’m on a two week family trip and brought two DE razors, four soaps, one brush, an assortment of blades, and two splashes.

If I was on a work trip for one or two nights, I would bring one or two creams (speick or dr Harris), one brush, and my schick injector razor with an injector blade cartridge. I know it’s wrong but I bring my schick in my carry on luggage and it’s never been a problem with TSA.

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San Jose, California
I used to take an Injector (check-in) or a Mach 3, A synthetic Brush and Speick Cream. Lately, I do not shave when I travel.

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I like taking an injector as well, and then I usually take a synthetic brush and a couple of shaving sticks and complementing splashes in sample containers. I recently did a week and a half in Ireland and I think I had 3 sticks and ended up using them each 3 times (just to mix things up a little).

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Anything I would not be afraid to lose.

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I have a set kit for travel. Since I prefer to travel somewhat light but don't want to sacrifice creature comforts I only take one double edge of going by car or checking bags. It's a Edwin Jagger DE89 and it fits nicely in an altoids type tin with a blade case. I also bring a Mach 3 when carrying on as well as a Gillette Guard. I bring a full size synthetic brush, Razorock Plissoft. It dries quickly and is cheap if lost. I carry it in a Simpson's large travel tube. I also take a smallish stainless steel double layered covered shaving bowl. I have a small tube of Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving cream, either Sandalwood, Sensitive Skin or Mr. Taylor's. And I have small containers of pre-shave oil, witch hazel and aftershave splash and a balm for winter. The hardware all goes in a Dopp Kit and the liquids all go in a TSA compliant bag since I usually carry on my bags.

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Stirling Lil' Brudder synthetic brush, collapsible silicone bowl for lathering, a couple of sample tins of soap from WSP (they do the nicest samples).

If it's a road trip, a DB89 razor in an altoids tin with 3 Silver Blue blades.

If it's by air, a cartridge (Feather or Mach 3).

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New Zealand
(07-08-2019, 08:52 PM)EFDan Wrote: Anything I would not be afraid to lose.

Yep, agree entirely.
I,m 72 and not yet fully retired from Tanker driving (my old boss calls me when he needs an extra driver).
I take a Gillette Slim 'Twist' away with me. Not too dear, won't cry if it breaks or gets lost.
But, it also gives me a nice smooth shave. So I guess that should be part of the requirement too...whatever you take away with you should be worth using without causing your face any problems.
For soap when I'm away I just use a can of Gillette 'goop'. No brush to worry about, no wet soap to carry. Yeah, I know...burn me as a heretic!

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[Image: Y6ZeFw2.jpg]

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Enders Speed-Proline, Stahly-BIC, cheap synthetic brush, Palmolive Classic stick. [Image: 4ce46f5d84556978c9807dec3d375692.jpg][Image: cb20acb1981cf8b0e379859fb5ad4220.jpg]

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