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I rambled into the enablers (you know who you are) early in my shave training, so I very quickly acquired a healthy collection of soap/creme products. I recently realized that I have hardly ever actually finished a full tub of, well, anything! So far I think I've emptied:

TOBS Sandalwood - my first purchase

Al's Shaving Saigon and Goodfellas - also very early buys, these have been replaced!

Maybe halfway through a Caties Bubbles LPV.

Everything else I own, even the ones I really like, it seems like I've barely scratched the surface. So two questions:

Do people really finish tubs of soap, and if so which ones?

If the space under my sink is filled with soap tubs, do I need therapy? I think my wife is starting to wonder.
The ones I remember because I have finished them recently (in the last few months or years)

1 tub of Proraso (green)
3 tubes of Gada cream (regular, lanolin, marine)
1 tube of Nivea cream
1 tube of Palmolive cream
3 tubes of Arko cream (Max, Aventure, Cool)
1 tube of Derby cream
1 tube of Proraso (red) cream
2 bottles of Kiss My Face (Lavender Shea, Vanilla)
1 stick of Arko
1 tube of Edwin Jagger (Aloes Vera) cream
2 tubes of The Shaving Co. (menthol, regular) cream

Not finished yet, but it won't be long since I am seeing the bottom of the container :

Proraso (white)
Wilkinson (blue)

I've taken of the resolution of stop buying cheap creams. So, right now I've started using :

PAA (Cavendish)
Crabtree & Evelyn (Moroccan Myrrh)
Ones that come to mind immediately are...

Martin de Candre scented in the glass jar
Barrister & Mann Latha
Cella in the red tub
>>> Brian <<<
Happy beeps, buddy! Happy beeps!
I have been wet-shaving for nearly 3 years, and I have not put a dent in any of my soaps/products.
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Totally finished! I know I finished Shannons soaps silk pajamas, old formula c&e nomad, close to finishing B&M lavanille and Seville. Man there has to b more I just can't think of anything! May have to edit this post later.

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(07-08-2015, 01:53 AM)mrtim Wrote: If the space under my sink is filled with soap tubs, do I need therapy?  I think my wife is starting to wonder.

The answer for your wife is all those tubs of soap under the sink is therapy!!
Bob from Virginia
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Ypsilanti, MI
A puck of VDH soap and a few samples of Ogallala soap.
Personna Shaver
William's Mug Soap, VDH and a sample of pre-production soap. I don't think I'll be finishing anything anytime soon.
The only soap I have finished is a WSP sandlewood soap. I felt very accomplished haha

Metro Detroit
I've finished my first jar of Tabac, and I can see the bottom of my jar of B&M Lavanille.

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