Below is a razor that I've had restored. This had a full restoration and replating with rhodium. I believe it to be a 106: New Improved? Based on the date codes I believe it is a 1921.

In addition there is a GD mark on the back. I believe this indicates that it was for sale overseas. But am unsure.

I enjoy this beautiful razor and have yet to shave with it. Probably will just keep it for my collection. I'm unclear exactly what I have or what it's worth. And would appreciate any input or information you may have. Enjoy the photos.!

[Image: b96d92d235f12cb2a3b91d6991fe18e5.jpg][Image: 872d7cfed56a1f71fc3b5051cd51357f.jpg][Image: dd93a282f37bdfb49f7b286d1596952f.jpg][Image: 02066879d15c6093631bb325d339f687.jpg][Image: e48f35d45129c49c7914b488371e71e1.jpg][Image: 809315cec1467f242b3b339ff4031ea4.jpg]

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New Improved is correct indeed. Looks great!

The GD means that it was imported into France. These are harder to come by but not rare by most measurements.

If you post Serial number I can verify the date. Gillettedatecodes.com has a chart.


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nice looking razor!
Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

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That is one beautiful razor.

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