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Here's another topic I stole from another forum, but I think it is one of those topics that becomes more beneficial the more it is used.

So...wet shaving in the traditional style is one of those things that always leaves room for improvement, and always leave an opening for an accident or a mistake.

So I'll start...

Tonight I learned that shaving at night is meant to take my mind off of the day, not the other way around.

During my very first pass, only three strokes into my first pass actually, I started thinking about something that was irritating me, and I sliced myself good and proper. I was using my Geneva Cutlery extra hollow, and just gashed myself wide open...about an inch in length, and very narrow, but deep enough to require a bandage.

I finished the shave, and ended up with a very decent and comfortable shave, other than the gash. But sitting here with a bandage on the top of my head is a bitter reminder to let shaving be the focus at the end of a rough day. NOT the other way around...

OK...Your turn. Big or small, every lesson is a good lesson, so share your lesson!

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-Chris~Head Shaver~

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My game is in good shape.

I learned that I very much do not prefer mild (i.e. inefficient) razors. 15 passes does not work for me. Dodgy

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- Jeff
Today I learned that a Feather blade in the ATT S1 is the perfect combination.

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don't sneeze.

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Short on time so I used my DE.

Those things are so much easier than straights or shavettes.

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That I really have to pay attention to way my beard grows. Once I got that back into my thick skull my last shave was much better.

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(04-21-2016, 05:06 AM)Blagoja Rajevski Wrote: don't sneeze.

Big Grin

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This is a great thread BadDad and will no doubt be helpful to many in the community.

I have been at it for quite some time so typically just zone out during the shave and enjoy the moment.

Still, some general things:
1. Always focus on finding the optimum angle of attack- shocking results to follow!
2. Load your soap. then load more. When you feel you have loaded enough, just top it off. All your lather issues will disappear!
3. When building lather, GRADUALLY add water. You will be able to add far more than you likely think!
4. As mentioned, if you have not- map your beard growth and truly find WTG/ATG/XTG. Great, irritation free shaves soon to follow [I know my beard grain was nothing like I thought it was when I first started]
5. Don't overthink it. Just some soap, water and a really sharp blade.

Great time to be wet shaving!

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This might surprise many, but I learned, that no matter what I do, I cannot get DR Harris soaps to be as slick or cushiony as most of the other soaps I own. Even Tabac blows away DR Harris to me. For some reason, DR Harris, I have tried many many times and no matter what I do, it is kinda lackluster. It provides a DECENT shave, but never anything great.

If I leave the lather pasty, my first pass is solid, but the next two passes suck. If I try to wet the lather a little more and make it slicker, I feel like the soap has no cushion. I love the scent of Windsor, and every time I go to use it, I pick it up in its great container and I think, man I'm going to have a great shave, it just doesn't turn out that way. Am I missing something? I load the LIVING CRAP out of my brush. Tons and tons of soap.

Luckily, I have the DR Harris Windsor aftershave which is incredible, and makes me feel better.

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