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My list changes but here you go, as of now:

HARD SOAPS:  Saponifico Varesino--any scent. Tabac.

SOFTISH SOAPS:  Le Pere Lucien. For me, this is perfect. And, in no particular order, Reef Point, Soap Commander, Stirling, Mike's Naturals, Tiki, Proraso--red white and green! 

CREAMS:  Art of Shaving sandalwood. I hate to admit it since AOS is owned by P&G, but there it is. Also Proraso in the tube (any of 'em); St. James of London. Used to love XPEC but, for a lot less $$$, I can get soap/cream just as good

(updated as of 16 July 2015)

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I almost never use cream, but my top soaps are:

1. Mystic Water
2. Stirling and Reef Point

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1. Tabac
2. MWF
3. D R Harris Sandalwood soap

1.TOBS Jermyn Street
2. D R Harris Windsor
3. Cella (croap)

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- Dapper Dragon Cinnamon Bun. Amazing scent and performance, my every day soap.
- Mickey Lee The Kraken. Smells like a blueberry explosion to me. Love the whole Kraken theme.
- Cella. Such a wonderful sweet scent. Always a great shave.
- Maggard Orange Menthol. Perfect orange scent, but due to menthol I don't use it as much.

- Proraso Blue. A mix between a fresh bread and a barber shop. Super quick to lather, great in a pinch!
- Nivea Sensitive Cream Fresh scent, great price and performance.
- Geo F. Trumper Almond. Basically Cella in a cream.

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Soap Commander: Gusto, Resolution, & Renewal
Barrister & Mann: Latha, Dickens, Vetyver Santal, & Fougères
MdC: Fougère and Scented
Cella: from the brick

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Happy beeps, buddy! Happy beeps!

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In no particular order.


Barrister & Mann
Mickey Lee Soapworks
I Coloniali
Klar Kabinett

Edit: Add Catie's Bubbles and Dr. Selby to the list. Smile


Proraso Red
Truefitt & Hill Ultimate Comfort
Nancy Boy Replenishing

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(06-24-2015, 06:07 AM)The Gentleman Wrote: I almost never use cream, but my top soaps are:

1. Mystic Water
2. Stirling and Reef Point

I should have listed Stirling. Love their soap. Am eager to try Reef Point.

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Whichever one I'm in the mood for on a particular day. No wonder I have no room left to store soaps and creams. Big Grin

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Mine change often, too, but today here is my list:

Soaps: Barrister & Mann, Tabac, Reef Point, Krampert's (Soap Smooth), Maggard's, Catie's Bubbles

Creams: Tabac, Proraso Green, Red, White and Blue

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these interchange.. Scents are subjective as we know. But I've never had a "miss" with any of them. They all perform to a high level, and the artisans are great people to work with. 

1:Catties Bubbles
2:Cold River Soap Works (select)
3:Soap Commander

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