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So, I was curious, does anyone have a scent type that, when they see it in the profile of the soap or aftershave, you instantly say "nope" and move on? For whatever reason, you just don't like it in any form, or you're allergic to it, or whatever.

I'm not talking any specific soap or aftershave or product, just the scent itself.

So, in my case, if I'm reading a scent profile and it has any mention coffee related scents, eucalyptus or honeysuckle I stay clear. I'm not a coffee drinker, I hate it, can't stand the smell of it, same with eucalyptus, while honeysuckle itself isn't bad I'm allergic to it and it irritates my sinuses.

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The only scent I have found offensive in my years of shaving and trying/testing product is Vegetal by Clubman....lol

There are other scents that I "pass on", but Vegetal is really the only one that I ever got rid of and never used since.... Smile

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I actually tried to survey myself to figure this out a few months ago before crafting my Christmas list. My preferences are based on about 45 different soaps I've tried. I really like the "green" scents. Verbena, Lemongrass, Iris, Violet, Basil, Oakmoss, Cedarwood.

The number one scent I don't even consider is Juniper. I've had two soaps with Juniper in the base notes and have not liked either. Pine scents don't seem to fit me well either. I'm not crazy about mint in my soaps or creams. Bay Rums are hit or miss. I don't enjoy the ones that smell like apple ciders. While I enjoy the green scents, I'm also not a big fan of Vetiver.

Pretty much everything else just depends on the paired scents. I don't really like musk or patchouli, or even bergamot on their own, but I do enjoy them in quite a few soaps that have other ingredients.
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I am not a fan of bay rum. Also, when it comes to aftershaves/colognes/eau de toilettes, I really can't stand what I call the "modern" scents. They all smell like poisonous chemicals that the government would ban. They all smell pretty much the same, too, everything from Axe to Georgio Armani Gio to Dior's Sauvage (not to be confused with Dior's Eau Sauvage, which I really like).

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Musk & Sandalwood

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I don't care for patchouli and it used to really give me agida if in the scent profile. I have found that when used as a subtle base layer that I actually don't mind it.

Alone and in "masking" quantities I avoid at all costs.

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I don't like sandalwood. I think it comes from a strong association with hippies and head shops, and nothing against either but it's just not my vibe, man. Smile Proraso Red is a good example of a realistic sandalwood note that I can't deal with.

Syrupy "apple cider" sort of scents don't work for me either. These I tend to associate with clumsily scented farmer's market soap bars. "Christmastime Cozy Tea." "Orange Spice Snuggle." "Cloying Cranberry Cuddletime." No thank you!

Finally, my biggest bugbear is, as Freddy so aptly mentioned, a class of crass and common aromachemicals which pervade department store perfumes and colognes, then often enough shift down to functional fragrance use in laundry detergents and dish soap. There's a woody-amber thing (norlimbanol) which smells like desiccated fake wood and can choke a stadium (Catie's Bubbles LPV seems to have this in its base). Calone, the key to aquatics, can so easily have all the charm of swimming pool chemicals. But my most hated, by far, is the ubiquitous dihydromyrcenol: that gray, metallic-citrus sort-of lavender which you'll know from Cool Water, Green Irish Tweed, but also hundreds of cheap men's fragrances and now hand soaps and laundry detergent. Cannot stand the stuff. Example in soaps: Mickey Lee's The Kraken.

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(01-27-2016, 06:15 PM)onethinline Wrote: I think it comes from a strong association with hippies and head shops, and nothing against either but it's just not my vibe, man. Smile
My issue with patchouli summed up in a more direct way Smile Well crafted.
Oh yes, I forgot about Patchouli.

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I'll throw another vote for bay rum. It smells too much like the candles my mom burns every holiday season to my nose. I enjoy the holidays with my family, but for whatever reason I don't enjoy shaving with it. Maybe it just reminds me of working retail during college and having to deal with all the headaches that go along with working Christmas sales in retail.

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