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From Zacchetti Milan comes this awesome bakelite DE:[Image: 20150826_215143.jpg]
The jolly ZAM man says "Mi rado ridendo" which means "I rarely smile". Is this an Italian idiom? What does it mean?[Image: 20150826_215206.jpg]
Is he saying "I rarely smile but this awesome bakelite razor has made me grin with its excellence"?
[Image: 20150826_215232.jpg] [Image: 20150826_215315.jpg]
Has anyone seen or used a ZAM razor before?[Image: 20150826_215345.jpg]
Something tells me it's going to be FIERCE!
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(08-26-2015, 09:56 PM)mjclark Wrote: ...The jolly ZAM man says "Mi rado ridendo" which means "I rarely smile". Is this an Italian idiom? What does it mean?...

[Image: Vlcsnap-2010-06-30-21h21m34s220_zpskq2sviwg.png]
Secretary Ramsey put his foot into it yesterday . . . in the course of his remarks he said that California “needs water and better society.”  “So does h-ll,” yelled someone in the crowd.  
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Loaded a blade into the ZAM - there were some issues with wonky blade alignment but they were soon fixed, and then noticed a crack in the guard so I superglued it.
It was midnight and it crossed my mind that bakelite might burst into flames or release toxic gases or explode when exposed to superglue but it didn't, it just stuck it together very well which is useful to know.

This is a very light razor indeed and my lightest bakelite at 14g. [Image: 20150827_071652.jpg]
There's a big blade gap, a lot of blade curvature and the shave is superb. On the face it feels similar to my Spitfire R41 but much smoother.[Image: 20150827_071749.jpg]
So very very very smooth and super aggressive with lots of noise and blade feel.
The ZAM is a winner!
We're all laughing now...[Image: 20150827_073506.jpg]

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I've never seen that razor before. thanks for sharing!
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