I have a few badger brushes, from cheap Pure to Simpson Best and TGN Finest.
But the majority of my brushes are either low end Pure, or restores of vintage brushes that I have done with TGN knots.
And guess what? From all of those grades of knots I have mentioned, I love every one of them. From the stiffest, most densely packed to the floppiest, moppish ones. They all have their good and bad points, but for me, on a soft croap or cream, the floppy ones are special. I might not choose them for hard soaps(although I do from time to time, still with excellent results), but they excell with creams and croaps, and feel soft and pillowy on the face.
But my experience with brushes doesn't extend to l lot of the higher brand brushes, just my restores, so I have no frame of reference to compare them to.
I know that there are members here who love these softer, floppier brushes, because over the 18 months I've been wetshaving I have read the posts.
What are some of the more loved "floppy" or "moppy" type brands? I would like to see some of the better quality brands represented, but price isn't the only consideration here. If you have a soft, floopy brush that you love, whatever the price or brand, please post a picture, tell me why you love it, what brand, etc?
This is my favorite flopper.
Ever Ready 500 PBT with a TGN 18mm Finest F2. Soak it, and it falls over like a champ, lol. But it works beautifully on everything from triple milled soaps to creams, and feels incredible on my face.
[Image: 100_2174.JPG]

Philadelphia, PA
I had a frank shaving brush with a larger loft that was floppy, but worked fine. I ended up giving it to a friend of mine who I introduced to wet shaving.

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

Lisbon, Portugal
Some of my beloved Semogue or Kimson badgers can be considered floppy by many users, but they easily find a place in my rotation...

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I love floppiness too. If you're willing to go synthetic, I recommend a Plisson 22mm synthetic. I've used one everyday for months while my Simpson badgers ride the pine.
CCity, thanks.
I have a 22mm Plisson that I absolutely love!
I have some brushes that I find to be too lacking in backbone and feels very 'floppy' when in use. To the point where I don't really use them.
Now, I use a hard soap 75% of the time, some croap 20% and a cream maybe 5% so maybe that's why I haven't had a lot of success with the overly floppy ones.
I think I'll give one a try with a cream next week to see how that works. Thanks for the tip.

Floppy lil thing:
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Darkbulb, thanks for posting. Hope you enjoy that lovely floppy badger of yours!
They are lovely soft.

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Kent is known for splay , some plisson brushes I have heard splay a good bit. Semogue 2000 or soc are nice boar brushes with splay. Simpson polo's in the larger knots have good splay and also Savile Row splay a bit.
Corey, thanks.
Kent's rep for "splay" is one of the reasons they are on my radar.

Chazz Reinhold HOF
My Brad Sears are pretty floppy, but I like them that way.

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