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Hello all, happy to join the forum. I haven't been looking around much to see how long DFS has been around but I'll be making my way through. I hope to bring some experience and knowledge to the table as well as pick the brains of members and show off some of my stuff as well. Since this is an introduction I might as well go ahead and introduce myself.

I'm Daniel.

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Austin, TX
Hey Daniel, welcome to DFS!

Philadelphia, PA
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Hi Daniel,

thanks for joining.

DFS was around a few years ago, then sold to another owner who took it offline for about 3 years before I bought it from him and started over from scratch.

The 'new' DFS has been around since late March, 2015, but only publicly known since June of 2015.
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Welcome to DFS, Daniel. Smile
Hey Daniel, welcome aboard!
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Welcome to the forum Daniel.

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Welcome Daniel - I'm looking forward to yur contributions.

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Welcome to DFS Daniel, glad to have you here.
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Welcome Daniel!

North Carolina
Hello Daniel and welcome to the group! Glad you're here!

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