aka: The drizzle, The fume, The puddle
a lot of you guys probably know me from some of the other forums, though ive been away from all the forums for a little while. i was on a sort of self imposed sabbatical seeing as i have literally thousands into shaving stuff and had to thin things a bit and just needed a break to help control the habit lol.

but im back baby!! already ordered about 8 new soaps and a couple newer razors so while the time off helped me thin things a bit and decide what stuff i truly loved it sadly did not help the habit Big Grin .  great new forum here been checking it out since i saw joe mention it. hopefully it grows and always stays clean of things that have affected some of the other forums.

so thanks for having me!

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thanks for joining the site.
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aka: The drizzle, The fume, The puddle
thanks! have only heard good things about your soaps i have to try some!!

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Welcome to DFS. Smile

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Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to DFS.

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I'm not sure about other forums, but I love your work on Adult Swim Big Grin
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