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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my tiny eBay shop. Being a HUGE fan of wet shaving but also working 7 days a week (supporting my beautiful wife and 2 young daughters), I wanted to find some way to contribute to this awesome community. So this is my small contribution!   I sell razor blades not by the 100 but by a much smaller amount for those of you who want to try them out and don't want to be stuck with 100 blades.

I'm always around if anyone has any questions. I will do my best to answer ASAP. I will also be selling other shaving products as well soon. (Soaps and razors) Please stay tuned!

Thank you!


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Welcome, Gus.

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Welcome, Gus, it's good to have you with us. Smile

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Idaho Falls, Idaho

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Welcome to the forum Gus. Good luck with your business too.

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Thank you! I appreciate that! God bless!

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If I don't have something you are looking for please feel free to let me know what blades you would like to see! There are a ton out there!

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