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I picked up 2 vintage razors on the weekend from a local fellow - a D4 Fatboy which I think puts it in 1958 Q4 and a Canadian "1932" Tech which despite the 1932 stamped on the head was made sometime post 1938 as far as I can tell from my research.  The 1932 seems to be the date of patent application.  They're both in good working order and I'm going to clean them up and look at reconditioning - the Tech will likely get a Delta Echo coating and go as a gift to my son while I'm considering a nice replate for the Fatboy.  I paid US$45 and US$30 for them respectively - I think its a good price for the Fatboy but a bit steep for the Tech but the vendor looked like he needed the money more than I did and I'm a soft touch Smile

[Image: KvM6LQl.jpg]

[Image: H1p69eM.jpg]

[Image: RAso5mY.jpg]

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Sweet. I'll look forward to any restoration work you may have done on them.

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Congrats on the finds Mark- look to be in good shape from the pics too. Look forward to seeing where you take 'em.

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