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I was browsing my local feed / supply store and found these canning jars made by a company named Wecks. They were $20 for 6 of them. size of them are good. Not the best, as I think Stirling or B&Ms is the perfect dimension for loading a brush, but definitely a grade up from size of jar that comes with Mystic Waters, Tabac, Stroppe Shop, etc. The only down side I see is the jar can get slippery. Since the sides are on an angle I have been holding the rim. The pros is they are stackable, have a mating cover, and can be sealed for long storage.

[Image: XOZT5Tl.jpg]

[Image: V4ApglV.jpg]

[Image: 26cxVhi.jpg]

[Image: pP7fCKw.jpg]

[Image: P1WwSkz.jpg]

[Image: dZiipkF.jpg]

[Image: ZJukmRy.jpg]

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Cool beans.

Never seen such a thing.
Shave yourself.

Awesome! I need to get me some of those.
- Jeff
And btw, the jar that is full is holding 2 full size refill pucks from Stirling. It fits perfect!

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