Finally we can access the net from home. Our new house is in a dead zone. We get text messages but phone calls are iffy. ML was going to the libray 3 days a week for WiFi availability.
We called 2 cable companies and 2 "gypsy" internet providers. The gypsies never showed for the appointment. One cable company said no. The other one said sure .... for $43,000, yes you read that correctly, FORTY THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! Thank you but no.

There is a direct TV dish here. But they only offer movies. So we got HughesNet satellite service. And while it is good to be connected the service sucks. We have only had it for 5 days but Lord that was enough to know this isn't good. We have a data cap and pay too much.

But I can get online. And reply at DFS. Yes life is good.


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Idaho Falls, Idaho
Good to see you bac Phil.

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Central Maine
I was wondering how you connected. Glad to see you back here. You were missed.

I've gotten advertising from Hughesnet and always wondered about it. Of course they don't know we have cable internet. I figured that it wouldn't be like my cable connection. But any 'net is better than none for connecting with folks. Face it, we're social animals and even in the sticks we need to keep in touch.

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