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So after the 'fine' predicament I got myself into, I decided to just go ahead and order a Plisson.  I ordered direct from their website and all went smooth.  Shipping and processing from overseas went faster than I expected, which was a great surprise.  I ordered the brush on July 12, 2015, order was processed July 14, 2015, order was shipped July 16, 2015, and finally arrived at my door today July 23, 2015.  From France to Hawaii in one in a half weeks is awesome IMO!   Smile  Shipping price was $12, however they did not provide a tracking number. 

[Image: 20150723_105417_zpsn8t6erns.jpg]

[Image: 20150723_105427_zpsrogt97it.jpg]

Brush was padded and packed well.

[Image: 20150723_105509_zpsdaycz2m0.jpg][/url]

The box is quite handsome.

[url=http://s1000.photobucket.com/user/heaviescc/media/20150723_105635_zpstrva8jlt.jpg.html][Image: 20150723_105635_zpstrva8jlt.jpg]

The brush itself is very beautiful!

I can't wait for the maiden run, I'll have to wait till tomorrow though, as the mail arrived after my morning ritual. 

Although the brush is very very beautiful, I was hoping the faux turtle shell would have been a little more translucent with a touch more light and dark areas.  This is just a little pickiness on my part, and in no way turns me off to the brush.  I believe I will enjoy this brush for many years.

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

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Very nice! Smile

I have the Plisson pour L'Occitane and love it.

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Is that knot set straight? Tongue

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