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The distance that I personally keep as a person from violence and
horror tends to increase directly in proportion to the percentage of white hairs on the crown and beard. And it remains undiminished and equal, regardless of the warring and conflicting sides.
I know very well what violence and horror mean
and for that, after all as a thinking being,
I avoid them and despise them.
I will state the following and hope that I'm terribly wrong:
I think things are going to get very out of control shortly.
And they will also escape from the relatively limited
geographical context where they are taking place so far.
I believe that the specific horrific hostilities that
are taking place in the near east, they will evolve, 
gradually but in a rather short period of time, into a global armed conflict.
The present social, economic, political and not only conditions make up the necessary explosive mixture that the ignition of a global dimensions massacre needs.
I hope to "turn out to be a liar" rather than a prophet of such events.
Unfortunately, the long-suffering human history does not let me lots of room for hope.

The children, all the children of the Earth, are not to blame for anything.
Purity, innocence, hope are brutally murdered.
Our future. What a shame.
What a disgrace.

We have failed as humanity, gentlemen.

Goodnight to us all.
It's seems to be long and dark.

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I Need New Conspiracy Theories 
Because All Old Ones Came True

I will go farther and say that no new hostility is by accident nor unrelated to an existing one, they are strategic moves. I have long subscribed to the idea that a person won't know if they are in a new World War until it is blatantly obvious or even in the rear view mirror. Nobody really knows how far some of these bad actors will go to preserve their own power, possibly even themselves. This is all the framework you need for a World War, lunatics and their causes and several of them. Once you have enough, it's too late and they form alliances, if they don't already have them, and the whole things gets out of control. I am trying to stay within the real of theoretical, but it is hard not to prognosticate about what is invariably coming, we have plenty of history to inform us. I have been preparing for this for two decades and I am much more humble about my own chances of making it out the other end than I used to be. We really are all inter dependant in this new world we have created out of the ashes of the last conflict. I know that my age is now old enough, and my occupation exempt, that I won't face the killing machine head on, but I am more sober about the emotional toll this is going to cause than I was even ten years ago. I especially dislike what is happening in my own country, but we have generally set aside our domestic squabbles, even grudgingly, when the world needs our assistance. I am hopeful that we can make something better of ourselves before facing what's coming otherwise we are going to be wide open to being conquered from within. Make of that what you may, I shall not specify more plainly.

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Living on the edge
Hopefully they will hold off on destroying the world until AFTER the Osprey in Ti is released.

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