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Thought you guys might get a kick out if this. So yesterday I finally made the Watermelon Mint Shave Soap and the Skin Food Splash.  I got done filling the jars pretty late and headed home for some dinner so when I got to work this morning and opened the door boy did that watermelon aroma hit me in the face.  Thought I’d have some fun with my PhotoRoom app and creates a picture for social media.  In person the soap looks like a lighter color of watercolor flesh. The remaining infusion is in the photo to as I thought some might like to see the finished product.  I will say it’s one of the messiest infusions I’ve done so far but it was worth it. I put a little on my face and you can feel the coolness of the mint but it’s not as strong as the Peppermint but similar to the Greenfresh. I’ll have to do a side by side to see which one cools more  The Watermelon definitely dominates the mint as far as scent goes but a deep whiff will reveal the mint in the blend.

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[Image: fCP5unl.jpg]

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